Would You Rather? Man vs Woman.

There are many times when I felt that being a guy would be so much better. For instance during times when I’m suffering from the monthly cramps, I really hate being a woman at those times.

Yesterday I met up with a good friend, Missy and we were having a good discussion. We were deliberating over marriage and kids. I for one, is definitely not ready to settle down and have little nadnuts running around. I was telling Missy that the guys have it easier. Why so? Should one day, I decide to actually be a mother, I would have to deliberate over the choice of staying home and spending quality time with my lil nadnut or would I ask my mother or even have a maid taking care of the kid.

I will definitely not be one who’ll be a housewife. Nothing wrong with being a housewife to me, but I rather be someone “slogging” away in the corporate world. I relish challenges and ironing & cooking isn’t my thing. (btw I can’t cook for nuts. I poison people.)

Even if I choose temporarily taking care of the baby till let’s say he/she is 2 (or would a better age be 5?), I would be at a disadvantage when I choose to rejoin the workforce. I think this is also one reason why there is so many DINKs (Double Income, No Kids) around. I seriously do not see how it’s possible to raise a family on an income of 1. Maybe for a while, yes (let’s not talk about cases where the parents are bloody rich or the husband is a CEO etc), but how do you sustain on an income for one? Houses are expensive, education is expensive. Should I wish to have kids, I would want to be able to afford to send them to University, even overseas if they want to. I’m a worrier at times. :/

So yeah, after going on and on for quite a bit, I think it’s easier to be a guy in some circumstances BUT I think I still rather be a woman. Why so? I’ll save the reasons for later.

So here’s the question of the week.

Would You Rather?…

1) Be a man


2) Be a woman.

And explain why so.

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