Would You Rather? – Dump or Stay

Totally unrelated to this week’s Starblog topic. (Apparently some blur toots thought that WYR is set by Starblog editors. Hello! It’s My own random “column”. Doh! Sometimes I MAY set the topic similiar to the Starblog topic of the week since there’s a theme going on.)

Anyway, since we got that all cleared up, this week’s topic is something which probably is something on your mind or your friend’s mine or someone you know. It happens to someone you know etc. It’s that common.

Imagine you’re in a relationship and your partner is someone without a future. He/She isn’t even remotely interested in getting a better education or job. You know that he/she won’t change and you’ll have to be the breadwinner since he/she hardly earns enough to feed himself/herself.

Would You Rather?

1) Dump him/her since he/she can’t be arsed in improving his/her standard of living and you’re sick and tired of trying to motivate him/her. And you do not have the financial means to keep supporting him/her.


2) Stay. Afterall Love conquers all. Something will work out. You’ll continue to try to support him/her.

Choose one and explain why!

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9 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Dump or Stay”

  1. I’d try advising them first and if it still doesn’t work, I think I’d leave. There’s no point sticking in a relationship that you know isn’t going anywhere.


  2. Aiyah as long as the person can support himself – no problem.

    If I have to keep paying for him – then bye byeeeee.


  3. I would consider option A.

    If you like or love a person, you would have accept the person’s flaws. Who doesn’t have flaws, no one’s perfect. But, if the person stubbornly refuses to change (after numerous speak outs) for the better for the relationship… it’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt the relationship, it’s gonna hurt someone in the long run.

    I think, if you are gonna spend a lifetime with a person, add that dose of practicality.


  4. Mintea: I agree. Might as well end it before marriage and babies etc.

    barffie: Yeah! But some people (sorry to say, usually women) expect to be “yang” by the bf. Tsk!

    Jonathan Kong: I think resentment will grow too.

    annant: Thanks! Read it earlier. Same choice!


  5. Alrighty guys, here’s MY take. I don’t mind supporting my guy if he has the motivation and will to excel. He may not have enough opportunities now but if he continues to persevere, I’m sure he will be able to make it big someday. BUT if he can’t be bothered and is happy with his pathetic lifestyle, I’ll dump him in a heartbeat.


  6. I’m late in replying…but dump lah. I got no respect for someone who doesnt improve himself to better his life and needs me to help him. yuk.


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