Would You Rather? – Lie or Fight?

This week’s question is by the charming and gentlemanly Modernburrow aka PMG.

So here’s the question!

1) Would you rather tell a white lie to your significant other?

2) Or tell the truth and deal with the fall out?

The fight will be horrible BUT if one day your s.o. finds out about the lie, you’re screwed too. (and NOT in a good way!)

So what’s your choice? and why?

11 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Lie or Fight?”

  1. Depends on what leh. If it’s about that purchase… We don’t fight over such things…
    Or hiding the fact that I am actually a man in woman skin? Hmmm…


  2. 2!

    I will much rather get it over and done with than live with the guilt! and one lie leads to another and another and another!

    It will be horrible!

    And I guess, S.O will be more likely to forgive me cause I am honest!


  3. 2! I rather face a nuclear meltdown/world war 3 and have it over and done with rather than go through each day in fear of the other half finding out about the lie.


  4. I choose the truth because I believe that in a r/ship, honesty is important. We might fight or quarrel over it, but one would not need to spin another lie to cover up yet another lie. When the r/ship is filled with lies when partners should be truthful to each other, the r/ship does not make sense anymore.


  5. 2! All these white lies will become a foundation for one to tell bigger lies…

    And even if happens just once, the day she finds out will cause such a huge dent in the trust in the relationship that it’s far more worth it to just tell the truth, handle the blowup and move on.

    *somehow this reminds me of sex and the city movie*


  6. 2. for 3 reasons.

    If I did something wrong, I should be willing to bear the consequences.

    I would like to be with a man whom I respect and even though I am the one who lies/cheats, my respect for him will diminish little by little each time that I am able to get away with lying/cheating.

    He deserves to be honored with the truth.


  7. I’ll tell the lie. Because I know that my current S.O would be able to take it. I’ve already told her so many of my secrets, and my stories that I doubt there’s anything she can’t handle. Unless it involves, dresses, donkeys, and thigh high boots maybe 😉


  8. don’t lie! tried once, got found out, and results was disastrous. really physical and mental pain. and it’s difficult to earn that trust back again.


  9. A lie that draw a smile..
    or the truth which draws a tear.
    in this case fight.

    sooo i would rather lie.
    a little lie wont hurt eh? =X


  10. For me….

    If it’s small matters, I’ll tell a white lie but if it’s something way bigger, I’ll tell the truth and face the music.


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