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Would You Rather? – Single or Attached

This week’s WYR is a very simple and yet difficult question.

Many a times when I was single, I would wish that I was attached, to have someone to care for me, someone to share my woes with, someone to pamper and just someone to hold me tight.

And yet, when I’m attached, I would then wish that I was single. For someone who has been stuck in a long term relationship, I do wonder how it is like to date others.

My question for this week is….

At your current stage of your life, Would You Rather?…

1) Be swinging single


2) Be attached

Choose one and explain why!

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7 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Single or Attached”

  1. right now, i’m happy being single. 🙂 but u r right about needing someone there at times. i feel that too, often in fact, yet at this pt in time, i think being single is the best thing! 🙂


  2. At this stage in my life when I’m still happily living to my own schedule and partying whenever I want, without having to ask for anyone’s permission or be considerate of their schedule, I would rather be single.


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