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My virgin trip to Mustafa.

As some of you guys may know, I’ve never been to Mustafa before. I’ve heard so much about the place from friends and yet I never had the chance to check out the place.

Tiger was supposed to bring me there ages ago but it never did work out. So one day, I was feeling quite lousy and emotional, my friends surprised me with a visit to Mustafa.

Mustafa Centre was amazing! It was freakingishly big and they sold everything! It’s a one stop shopping centre! Buy your toiletries, groceries, clothes, watches and whatnots in one place! The perfumes there are super cheap! (Eh is it imitation ah?)

I must have spent like an hour checking out Mustafa. I would love to go back there again! It was amazingly quiet that day but perhaps because of the fact that we had went on a Tuesday and in the wee hours of the morning.

After Mustafa, we headed off to a nearby dimsum place called Swee Choon.

Maybe I’m bias or what, but I couldn’t help but compare the place to the dimsum place I frequent regularly at Geylang. (Is it called 126?)

No doubt that the “ambience” at Swee Choo is better (provided you get a seat inside), I find that there is a larger variety of dim sums offered at 126.

This is what we gobbled up.

I adore Chicken Feet. This is one of my favourite dimsum dishes to order. The chicken feet at Swee Choon was good, tasty and juicy!

Another hot favourite of mine. This is the fried prawn dumpling (is that what’s it called?) and it was good however 126 serves better fried prawn dumplings imho.

My friends adored the chives dumpling. I tried it and it wasn’t to my liking though.

The traditional chee cheong fun (I say traditional because most places sells the prawn/charsiew version) was good. After always eating the prawn chee cheong fun, going back to basics brought back fond memories.

One of my staples when ordering dim sum, the har gow was quite yummy.

The other staple of my (dimsum) life, the siew mai was disappointing. It didn’t have bite to it.

The lo mai kai had many big chunks of chicken and whatnots and it was quite good.

So far, the experience was ok. I get good and friendly service just that I find that some of the dishes were lacking as compared to 126 however there were a few dishes that totally kicked 126’s ass so….

I guess it’s up to personal preference?

nadnut’s rating on ambience, food, service and value for money:

If you’ll like to check out the place, here’s the details:

Swee Choon Tim Sum
187 / 191 Jalan Besar (located nearby Mustafa Centre)
(t) 6294 5292

4 thoughts on “My virgin trip to Mustafa.”

  1. Babe! u finally went to Mustafa!LOL*

    oki swee choon is 1 of my fav dim sum place like u say cos of the seating (inside are aircon seats) & Lor Mai Kai there is also my fav!! Juicy chicken Chunks! *drool*


  2. 1 hour @ mustafa?! My virgin trip there I spent like… 7 hours. 12 midnight til the sun came up. *LOL*

    I used to frequent Swee Choon often cos it’s the near to me (plus mustafa’s just down the street). It’s cheaper than 126, but yes the range is lacking but I must say the food is quite decent for what you’re paying.


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