My MJ Makeover

As mentioned in my previous entry, I had a makeover done when I went to their office. I was very pleased with the makeover! It was a different look for me and I absolutely adore the way she did my eye makeup!

My normal eye makeup encompasses of lots of eyeliner, black eyeshadow and other colours of eyeshadow and yet with the look that the makeup artist did, with so little eyeliner, it actually made my eyes look bigger as compared to my usual style.

Loving the eye makeup!

Corde and I couldn’t help camwhoring after our makeover.

Some of the products used during my makeover!

These are the products used for my eye makeup. I hope to be able to recreate the look!

Happy meh. 🙂

Do you like this look of mine?

9 thoughts on “My MJ Makeover”

  1. Hey, congratulations Ms Ambassador. 🙂
    You are right, your eyes look even bigger here, as though it is not already gigantic on its own.

    Do share with us the secrets.


  2. I’m sorry but I just HAD to say this. I don’t like tbis look of yours. Maybe it was the shading done, but it makes your nose look x989382938 larger.


  3. After analyzing the pictures, I think it was the blush. It was placed a tad too close to your nose, hence making the sides of your nose appear fairer and significantly bigger. Was it done by the make-up artist? Because your usual make-up doesn’t have such an effect 🙁


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