Would You Rather? – Car or House

This week’s Would You Rather? is brought to you by the ever so charming Jerrick.

And no, it’s not about choosing to buy either a car or a house, it’s saucier than that!

Imagine you’re doing the down and dirty (and if you’re a virgin, IMAGINE.), Would You Rather?

1) Do it in a car?


2) Do it at home with the windows open?

The main gist of this is that Would You Rather be spotted by strangers or neighbours? Remember to explain why!

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  1. i’ll rather be spotted by strangers, although it sounds more exciting to be spotted by neighbours. Oh well, you can be the next hot topic at the void deck for all your know.

    Anyway, the car’s suspension system seems fun.


  2. Hahaha i was wondering y this wk’s topic so easy to choose… i thought u ask me would i wan a car or house!! wahahahaha UNTIL i read further…*Beh…i choose car la…SPOTTED by neighbours? Neh… i dun wanna be the topic of the block…