Would You Rather? – Broke or Lost

For this week’s Would You Rather?, let’s envision ourselves in a foreign country…

Where the main language spoken isn’t English and you can hardly understand them.

You are travelling alone and unfortunately your phone has just gone bonkers. (Sounds like a horror story hor!)

Would You Rather? be…

1) Broke? (You don’t have a single cent with you and unfortunately Mastercard and Visa ain’t here to save the day.)


2) Lost? (As mentioned earlier, you can’t communicate with anyone.)

Please feel free to elaborate!

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6 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Broke or Lost”

  1. I would rather be lost.

    With money, somehow, I will be able to find my way! Signs to airports are usually marked with an aeroplane. And I can get a map with money.

    Unless I’m in a jungle with no one at all… Then… Hmmm. Having money wouldn’t help in that case.


  2. Me too!! Lost ! But with Cash on hand is always the best in a foreign country & who knows with $$ you can find a translator! & at least you wouldn’t die of hunger… just go some place where they sell food & point & pay…*LOL


  3. ^Ditto. Actually, being lost sometimes, we can discover more interesting stuff that not listed in the travel guide. But if I put myself in the shoe backpack travelers, I would rather choose both, lost and broke. =)


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