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Intel Centrino 2

Remember this?

I was invited to the launch of Intel Centrino 2 at the One Degree 15 Marina Cove located at Sentosa Cove by Brian from Ogilvy.

Intel unveiled its Centrino 2 Processor on July 16th. What’s so special about Centrino 2? Basically it means that it’s a more powerful processor, better performance and better battery life or to keep it short and sweet, it means it’s a better version of Centrino.

There was a short demonstration on the difference between Centrino and Centrino 2 (or otherwise known as Montevina). A few other features on Centrino 2 based notebooks are switchable graphics and a new optional power-saving feature. Boy am I jealous! My current tablet PC is using AMD and its battery life sucks! The laptop is always overheating. Grrrr. Apparently with Centrino 2, there is better performance for multitasking and intensive applications such as high-definition entertainment or gaming along with great power-saving features for the battery life.

Some of the female bloggers that attended the launch: Sheylara, Meh, Nicole and Precious.

Gaming on a laptop? I thought REAL gamers don’t use laptops?

Interestingly enough, we spotted an ASUS laptop designed for gaming. Hmmm. Tiger should put this to the test.

Spotted: A chio and cute laptop!

We were then invited to have an interesting experience of WiMax. While waiting, we were fed good food!

Nicole and I. Picture by DK.

Krisandro choosing what to eat.

Juzzywuzzy cutting bread for us.

I wasn’t very hungry so I took a little bit. Nicole peeled the prawns for lazy old meh! Thanks babe!

We then set off to enjoy a ride on the yacht.

Us bloggers. Picture taken by Brian.

Happy toothy meh.

Muahahhaaa. Must take a pic here. Not as if there’s a chance for me to there again. 😛

We were onboard of the Sardinia. Picture by Brian.

Captain Nadia is gonna drive!

LOL. Captain Brian!

Actually we were just horsing around. Why were we on Sardinia? Basically we were there to experience WiMax which is the latest 4G broadband wireless technology. WiMax is good! Perfect for addicts like me who can’t wait to check my emails all the time. (or I can get a PDA phone. hurhur.). Basically WiMax boasts of the capabiluty of covering entire cities and providing seamless surfing-on-the-go.

QMax is currently the sole WiMax provider in Singapore. There was a demonstration of a conference call. Pretty good stuff.

We even surfed blogs and had a live streaming session… Quite impressive!

After the whole session, we had some time to take pictures and chill. So… as bloggers, we all camwhored!

I think I look seasick in this picture.

The very charming Juzzywuzzy and I. He’s really a gentleman!

Trying my best magibon look.

Meh, Juzzywuzzy, Sheylara and some Harmless Bananas.

Back on land. Princessa, Nicole, Sheylara and meh.

Thanks Brian, Tania, Ogilvy and Intel for the invite! It was really fun!

Aside from that, here’s a mini plug!

Brian took a pic of Sheylara and me. We were listening to his band’s song.

Check out his band, Leeson! I have “Absolute Beginners” as my ringtone now! Good stuff!

Okay, back to the assignments. :/

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  1. how come sheylara looks only average in pics on her blog..

    but in other people’s blog she looks so stunning?!


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