Why dating a nerd is better than dating a yandao kia (aka a good looking chap).

Most people are surprised when they actually do get to meet Tiger. (Most of my friends expect me to date someone as “havoc” as me.) Most of Tiger’s friends are surprised when they see my pics or when they meet me. (They probably thought he’ll date something nerdy. I remember once when we broke up, Tiger’s friends saw my blog and they exclaimed “You broke up with THAT?!”. :p)

I’ve done my fair share of dating cute and rather hunky guys and when I finally settled down with a nerd, even I myself was quite surprised.

Here’s some reasons why I think dating a nerd is better. (There will be a followup post why dating a nerd ain’t that fab after all. :P)

1. Since nerds don’t really socialise much or aren’t as good looking as the yandao kia, the possibility of them cheating on you is lesser than those hunks. They won’t cheat on you, maybe because no one is attracted to them? (Actually they’re too busy reading/playing with their gadgets/gaming)

2. Some nerds practically worship the ground you walk on. They may not be gifted with a honey tongue but they’ll try their best to compliment you. “You’re as pretty as my iPhone.”

3. Some nerds are geeks. Thankfully my nerd is a geek too and I usually do not have to bother about reading instruction manuals (which I absolutely detest. I just wanna play with my toy NOW!) and my nerd does the rest. I’m so spoilt at times.

4. My nerd gives me geeky gifts e.g. gadgets. WOO HOO!

5. Some nerds do not spend a lot. I’ve learnt to save money while dating Tiger.

6. Dating a nerd can help u decide the best gadgets to buy as he does all the reading.

7. When they finally do get attached, they usually can’t believe that they can actually get a hot babe and thus would pay more attention to their gfs.

8. There is a higher chance that geeks will have a better job in the future and thus, a better income.

That’s about all I think… Hmmm anymore reasons? Let me know and I’ll add on!

Contributions: no 6 by Nicole, no 7 by Naeboo and no 8 by Chik Yoong.

7 thoughts on “Why dating a nerd is better than dating a yandao kia (aka a good looking chap).”

  1. They are cool cos they dont know how to have s*x?

    hahahahahaha… all yr reasons revolve abt 1 reason.
    –> gadgets and yr inability to operate one properly?


  2. Clarence: LOL I do know how to operate gadgets! And there’s only 2 reasons revolving around that: no 3 and 6! and no 6 is from my friend. 🙁


  3. Hmmm…Probably there is a higher chance that geeks will have a better job in the future and thus, a better income?? I mean they spend more time studying right..haha


  4. oh!
    totally agree on that, my boy is such a nerd too!

    because going out with them will always make ourselves look more attractive beside them.. haha!

    and since they are such nerds who dont know much abt dress sense, we can actually cultivate that into them and make them dress the way we wanted them to..

    agreeable? (:


    in terms it turned out, they always trust our taste and make them feel that they need us more..

    the things they know are always different from us, and so we can compliment each other well?



  5. tiger: -_-” ok break up le. bye!

    annant: better gadgets than other girls!

    Chik yoong: good one! added the suggestion in!

    ming zhen: unfortunately tiger doesn’t let me play dress him up with him. 🙁 i bought him a nice V neck tsirt and he complained that it looked like a girl’s tee. bah.


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