idiot cowboy.

i wanna try krispy kreme!!!! apparently krispy kreme is way better than dunkin’ donuts. and if i already go nuts over dunkin’ donut’s bavarian, i think having a taste of krispy kreme would be orgasmic.

and that stupid cowboy had to blog about krispy kreme. that yaya papaya.

i want one! anyone wants to get one for me? (do they have them in bavarian flavour too?) will sell soul erm will marry you will be eternally greatful to you. <3

sidenote: i am such a bimbo. i changed a password at work and i have forgotten it. now its gonna cost me 6 bucks to reset the password. (i didnt use my usual passwords cause im sharing the account with a colleague. ARGH!) 


  1. I\’m going back in july, can bring some for you. will it be too late? lol

    nadnut: never too late for krispy kreme! hee.


  2. its a bit sweeter than dunkin donut.. but thr original krispy kreme is yum. sorry im not at the rite state in aussie to buy any for u though..

    and oh, guess wad im studyin in UQ? tiger (despite not knowing who he is) can be a reali big help for me…

    miss u babe! your blog makes me smile when there r gloomy days ahead! *muacks*


  3. […] So my brother’s going to come home to a less-than-neat place, and I forgot to tell him to help me buy Krispy Kreme because I wanted to surprise a little chilli padi that has been stressed out at work, but wow, guess this birdbrain didn’t remember, argh. My dad’s going China again, but I doubt if he’ll go to HK just to buy this. […]