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nadnut goes vainpotty once again.

Remember my previous advertorial? I’ve just gotten word from Milly that she’ll be opening a second branch! Look out for her second branch located on the 3rd floor of Far East Plaza in mid Sept!

I did some vainpotty stuff recently. I brought my mum for her virgin eyebrow threading and eyelash extensions experience at Milly’s. And I had new eyelashes extensions, not as dramatic as the previous one.

Current promo for lashes: $58!

Trimmed my werewolfy eyebrows. I love threading! Milly’s is having a promo for first timers for eyebrow threading…. Usual price $12, special promo price $5!

I also had my nails done like a month ago. Gel extensions with some beautiful crystals and nail art. Promo price for gel extensions: $70.

Check out my hot red hair extensions! $1 per strand!

I’ll be over at Milly’s on Monday Tuesday to get new gel extensions. Can’t decide on what design to get. Any suggestions? Mum suggested some rainbow look. hmmm.

If you’re interested, do check out Milly’s! Do remember to state that you’re my reader to enjoy these promotional prices!

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza
#02-83 Singapore 228213
Telephone: 6743 5657
Mobile: 8383 5395

13 thoughts on “nadnut goes vainpotty once again.”

  1. kays: Hi there! Currently Milly’s does not offer eyelash perming, maybe in future?

    mabel: Hmmm for a first timer it might be a bit painful but still bearable. I prefer threading and plucking over trimming cause it lasts longer. heh


  2. Hi nadnut!
    I would like to know how much do Milly charge for your clip-on hair extension! It’s really nice on you, haha!


  3. haha! the red clip on look cute on you! 😀
    i’m referring to the curls you did at milly’s! (:
    i am considering to put them on for my prom night! haha.

    & sorry for asking too much, hehe. i should have ask the shop about it, but too shy to ask. haha. (:


  4. Lynn: oooh the curls? Same pricing. $1 for clip, $1.50 for braiding. I did about 200 strands I think. 🙂 Best is to go to the shop and ask them to recommend how much you’ll need. I was at Milly’s today! lol


  5. thanks! i thought the curls were clip-on extensions. 200 is a lot leh! anyway, your acrylic nails so beautiful, so tempting to do nails. ahaha! thanks anyway!
    i’m going down to milly’s probably in nov? or late september. ahaha. so excited!!!!
    i wanted to purchase those clip-on extensions online, but like not that safe leh. haha. better buy from shops. (:

    hehe. thanks again for answering for questions! haha!


  6. Lynn: Oh you mean the temp ones where I can remove and put on anytime? I haven’t tried that yet! Maybe another time!I did 200 strands because my hair is pretty thin. :/ I just did my nails, now is something sweeter, Heh.

    Alrighty, when you’re heading down, remember to let her know you’re my reader, you’ll probably get a discount! 🙂


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