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Majolica Majorca!

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As some of you guys know, I am a super vainpot. I love makeup, am fussy with clothes, adore doing my nails and hair. I love being a woman and dressing up. What’s wrong with that?

Someone mentioned this before: There are no ugly women, only lazy women.

And I find it very true! Dress up for occasions, to feel pretty and feel confident or just dress up for yourself! Well guess what?

8 bloggers have been chosen to be Majolica Majorca Blog Ambassadors (under Shiseido which by the way, is a Japanese brand) and yours truly is one of them! I’ve heard about Majolica Majorca ages ago and even bought a lot of their eyeliners and mascaras when I was in Taiwan last year and they’re finally coming to Singapore! Yay! No more asking friends to help me get them or joining sprees to order them. Wheeeee!

Here’s 3 of us. Beatrice, Cordelia and me. We came at different shifts and thus didn’t manage to get a group picture.

I’ll be sharing thoughts, tips and updates about Majolica Majorca! Look out for updates every week! Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll try my very best to answer them!

Here’s some information about Majolica Majorca. Majolica Majorca’s philosophy is that one can always fulfill one’s dreams and that they have custom tailored beauty products that is able to transform each and any woman into the beauty she wants to be, instantly.

Even my Pinky is feeling excited!

More updates coming soon!

Do you realise that my makeup looks different in this entry? Find out why in my next Majolica Majorca entry! Oh btw, I took these pictures with the Canon 1000D. Borrowed the camera for a bit and I love how the pictures turned out! Am so keen in getting a DSLR!

17 thoughts on “Majolica Majorca!”

  1. viv & CN: hey dears! I love their products too! They will be coming to Singapore very soon! They’ll be here in November and will be exclusively sold in Watsons!


  2. fidel: they’ll be coming to Singapore soon!

    CN: Yeap! Details soon! 😛

    barffie: I think they will! Especially for people like me who can’t put on fake lashes. zzz

    astrorainfall: I feel very lucky too! I love their makeup!

    viv: I just blogged about my MJ makeover! do check it out!


  3. though the blue dress looks fabulous, but I think the dress at this length sort of accentuate (** bringing all my attention to) the size of your calf. Maybe you can wear dark coloured leggings inside with boots.


  4. hi nad, juz wanna check…any reviews on the pressed fantasia 24Hr face powder? havent tried yet. juz wanna knw wats soooo special bout it…wad does it do?


  5. sharon: hey babe. apologies, i have not tried the pressed fantasia 24hr face powder, the mj people have been passing to us more of the newer products recently. sorry babe!


  6. Hello…

    I saw you today at NightandDay, Majolica’s party. I am totally in love with this pretty!! Unfortunately, I didn’t go for the makeover cos the queue was long, however I did manage to get my pic. snapped over there 🙂


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