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When the cat is away, the mice comes out to play.

Hurhur. Or in this case, when the cat (tiger) is away, the rat (nadnut) comes out to play!

Thanks to Ogilvy, I managed to have my fun with these guys yesterday.

Brian from Ogilvy.

My dear friend, Herbert

Nick Heidfeld from the BMW Sauber F1 team!

Ooops. You’re not supposed to see that!

Just kidding!

From left: Herbert, DK, Claudia and me.

The kind folks at Ogilvy invited me and other bloggers to attend the BMW Sauber F1 press conference. I never thought I’ll be able to see them in person. (Though if I had continued my stint at the big Red Umbrella, I would probably be helping out with F1 now). I knew Herbert was a big fan thus I called him along. Hope you enjoyed yourself bro!

Did I mention that Nick is really cute?!

Really enjoyed myself. Thanks once again to the kind folks at Ogilvy and all the best to the BMW Sauber team!


Credits to: Claudia. 🙂

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