The Soyjoy Japan trip! – Osaka part 2

After shopping, we headed off to a very yummy teppanyaki dinner in Osaka. (Totally forgotten the address/name of the teppanyaki place.)

Really delish food! Much better than any teppanyaki that I’ve ever tasted!

This was supposed to be the last night of our trip but Parita and I extended our trip a bit more. We said our goodbyes to Machiko-san, Eunice and Pak Suhendar and took some pictures!

Headed back to the hotel, camwhored a bit and slept early.

I love their sleeping gowns! Extremely comfortable! I should have paid and bought this mannnnnn. Does anyone know where I can buy anything similar to this in Singapore?

The next day felt really rushed.

I had a hair cut!



Argh! I miss my long hair! Feel like doing extensions or getting a wig. :/

I’ll save the other pictures for the next Osaka entry! I think I prefer Osaka as compared to Tokyo! How about you guys?

2 thoughts on “The Soyjoy Japan trip! – Osaka part 2”

  1. Having been to japan myself, I find Osaka a more cultured place than Tokyo. Looking forward to your next entry. 🙂

    uhmm more foodie pix pls if u hv them? 😉


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