They remind me of….

As you guys know, I’m a super duper big foodie. I eat all the time and I crave for food ALL of the time. Do you know sometimes one would associate places/scents/numbers with people? For me… I associate them with FOOD.

For instance, Sheylara reminds me of chicken wings. Whenever I talk to her on msn, I would have a sudden craving for chicken wings. Talking to her is hazardous to one’s tummy. Why does she remind me of chicken wings? Maybe because we were happily nibbling on the delish chicken wings from Bellini Room. Esther also reminds me of chicken wings. I always see her ordering chix wings!

Paced reminds me of JCo donuts. I remember once recommending Paced JCo donuts and she got hooked onto it. She’s a bigger fan of JCo than me now!

My bestie Jenny reminds me of prawns. She LOVES prawns and I remember how she would always order prawns when we go to Fish & Co.

Dk reminds me of McNuggets. I have found a worthy opponent. I’m a huge fan of McNuggets so much that my OB Sabah gang calls me Nugget instead of Nadia. Errr. Ridz reminds of McNuggets too. It’s a pity that both of them are westsiders.

Colin reminds me of Big Mac. I’m amazed at how he can polish off a Big Mac and 20 Pc Nuggets. Power!

Jerrick reminds me of Pizza! He loves this lil pizza place near his place and is always raving about it. I miss him 🙁

My other best friend Shen aka thebeanmaster reminds me of everything! Teppanyaki, Steak, Tofu, Seafood. He’s one of my bestest makan kakis and we’ll eat everything! His nickname was very silly. We were both tofu lovers and I had gave myself the nickname thetofukiller and thus gave him thebeanmaster. hurhur.

Tiger reminds me of laksa and pasta. Laksa because when he had returned over overseas studies, he made me go with him to hunt down his favourite laksa place. Pasta because he makes delish pasta!

No2Slack reminds me of chicken feet. I remember how we had went to Geylang for supper and one of his favourite dishes was the chicken feet dish.

TK reminds me of Botak Jones. Any of the dishes there reminds me of him. One of the first Botak Jones kaki back when I was working at Radio.

My classmate Fay reminds me of Prata. That’s because we always have dinner at this prata place near our school. 🙂

Rinaz reminds me of Humus. We had 2 dinner outings at El Sheikh and I love the dishes there! Fab place!

Kingmeng reminds of Peanut butter toast. I remember how we used to have supper at Hong Kong Cafe and once I ordered the wrong Peanut butter toast. LOL!

RN reminds me of Beef Noodle Soup. She had introduced this fab cafe at Raffles Place and I love their Beef Noodle Soup.

My old clique, Pangie, Pearl, Lydia, MingLi reminds me of the steamboat at Marina South. We used to always go there for steamboat and hotplate. I think it was mainly because yours truly was a big fan of steamboat and hotplate. Like how the steamboat place exists no more, we also do not hang out anymore.

Akk reminds me of steak. That’s because our first dinner outing was spent guzzling steak, if I’m correct. 🙂

Jayden reminds me of desserts. That’s because we have been introducing lots of dessert places in Sweets.Sg.

The BSC gang reminds me of turkey. I started the whole Christmas dinner celebration back in 2002 and we used to group at either Jenny’s or Kenny’s place for dinner and we’ll have a turkey which was usually made by Lester’s auntie. Very delish Turkey!

My other male best friend Kenny aka mrkennychan reminds me of Sashimi. He loves sashimi! I remember how we used to always head to Cafe Brios for buffet and he’ll attack the sashimi. I miss him. Come back soon!

Fidelis reminds me of the Daim Cake in Ikea. She’s been raving about it, must try it one day!

Gracey reminds me of Pork Cutlet. She once made Pork cutlet for a few of us. Delish!

Natsu reminds me of crabstick. I remember once she prepared this crabstick and golden mushrooms dish during one of the bbqs, Very sedap!

So what do I remind you of? Writing this post has made me VERY hungry. TMD!

16 thoughts on “They remind me of….”

  1. alamak, now i know i look like a prawn… hahaha.
    to me, we still need to go for the buffalo wings soon. haven’t been there for a while and I’m so craving them!


  2. annant: pau?! :/

    ah9: 😛 samurai teddy!

    jenny: hahahaha. not look like prawns but when i think of you, i’ll feel like eating prawns. 😛 yes. buffalo wings soon pls! me steak? i wonder why? 😛


  3. J: lol! we must go makan more!

    gracey: heh. not bak kut teh? 😛

    Leonard: not yet!

    Sheylara: i’m so missing bellini room’s chicken wings!

    Princessa: not that i don’t remember you, just that you don’t remind me of any food. 😛


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