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10 things you should know about the Blogathon

1. Dressed to impress

We are all dressed and styled by TANGS. We were given a $500 budget to spend and all of us look fantastic in our respective outfits. We all have a unique style and it is apparent from our outfits. Here’s mine!

I’m wearing a jumpsuit, tshirt and jacket from Tokidoki and a cap from Superdry.

2. Pampered by Kiehl’s

As mentioned in one of my earlier entries, we have pampered by Kiehl’s with some great products and good loving by the Kiehl’s boys.

3. Blogging on the….

We are currently blogging on the Lenovo U350 powered with Intel. While Lenovo U350 is rather sleek in design and is rather slim, unfortunately it runs on Vista, not my preferred weapon of choice.

4. Wild Cards.

We are all given a wild card which buys us 15 minutes. We can use the 15 minutes in anyway we want however if we choose not to use it, we gain 15 points. A tough choice for everyone.

5. Living Areas

There are 4 living areas decorated in various designs. The most spacious would have to be the Kiehl’s space where most groups get to spend a good 12 hours there unfortunately Jayden and I are the only team to spend 6 hours there. 🙁

6. Toilet break.

Toilet breaks are extremely precious to us. We only have 10 minutes every 2 hours.

7. We come in all shapes and sizes

All 10 of us are chosen based on our various “expertise” in fashion and technology.

8. Coffee, Tea or Me?

Throughout this whole competition, the only drinks served are coffee, tea or water. Rather unfortunate for this blogger who drinks neither coffee or tea

9. Madness starts at 4am, Sleepiness kicks in at 7am.

Everyone started going hyper at 4am. Unfortunately, the worst period came at 7am where everyone was almost nodding off.

10. Night at the Tangs

Unlike at the Night at the Museum, the only “things” coming to life are the bloggers. While we had mad ideas of running around screaming or trying out all of the makeup, perfumes and all, we were kept in line by the very friendly crew.

And that’s about it! Last 1.5 hours to go!!!!!

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