What’s happening to me?!

As some of you guys know, I’m not the typical kind of girl who’ll devote all of her time to her boyfriend. Infact since forever, the boyfriend comes last. Friends, blogging, school, work always took a priority to Tiger.

I do not hang on Tiger’s arm nor do I blow mushy mushy kisses at him or display super PDA tendencies (unlike a certain couple I know. *cough monkeys cough*). We quarrel like mad all the time and we usually snipe and grumble at each other in front of everyone (including his dad who finds this all oh so amusing.)

Totally not a Xiao Nu Ren kind of girl if you get what I mean. Against Marriage, babies and everything else.

But recently….

I seemed to have turned into a loveydovey type of girl. I devote most of my weekends (actually school first lah :P) to Tiger. I kinda miss him when I don’t meet him. (which is usually hardly the case!!) I even proclaimed that I wanted to get married in The White Rabbit! (was there for a Sony event.)

I wonder if this is a sudden “honeymoon” period and we’ll all go back to being all grumpy and old couple-ish again.

Now that he’s overseas,  I’m missing him badly. :/

I don’t like the new me!!! :/


  1. cow & annant: But we’ve been thru LDR before… this is just 4 days? 😛

    mooiness: lol. i think i’ve been bitten by the love bug. :/

    krisandro: hahha! dunno about that!

    thebeanmaster: 6666. hurhur