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My F1 weekend.

Aside from the Puma Red in my Head party and the boring F1 practice rounds, I had a fun time at the F1 Rocks concert (tickets courtesy of 24Seven!) and the Johnnie Walker event.

I came late cause.. well.. I didn’t care two hoots about the other performances aside from Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce and boy were they great!

Black Eyed Peas especially Fergie and Will.I.Am was fantastic! But seriously… what was Fergie wearing?!

F1 Rocks was great! But it would have been better if they had sold lesser tickets and left the majority of us more space to actually breathe, have a good view and dance.

The next day, the lovely Kenny gave me some invites to the Johnnie Walker Jet Black event and needless to say, I called my fellow “alcoholics” down!

We were basically treated like kings. We had free flow of alcohol and food. And to top it off, a comfortable and lovely live screening of F1.

Aside from that, they were very lovely bartenders making special cocktails and of course, I was happily bioing this bartender.

Not because he was cute.. but because of his lovely tee! I want one!

We had a ball of a time and I have to thank Kenny once again for the tix. Thanks bro!

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