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What happened to Miu Miu?!

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I don’t know how this happened but Miu Miu is now a monster. He has been with us for more than a year and expanded from a teeny weeny boy to a big monster cat!

We do not overfeed him (but we do feed a better range of food) and have also cut down on his wet food. We have been giving him kibbles for obese cats! He isn’t greedy nor does he eat a lot but he is expanding nonstop!

The last visit to the vet was good though. She said Miu is a healthy boy and not to worry about his weight.

But woah.

I miss tiny Miu 🙁 Need to buy more clothes for him! Any recommendations for affordable ones? Daiso hasn’t been stocking up  on pet apparel 🙁 Do comment and let me know!

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