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Miu Miu the Menace

This is a Caturdays! – Pictures of cats entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the Cat themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

Sorry for the lack of updates! Been busy recently and haven’t had the time to blog regularly! Remember the last update?

After Miu Miu’s second vaccination, we brought him back to the vet to neuter him i.e. sterilisation / no more father day.

While he was ’emo’ for a while, he soon returned to his usual active self. Butbutbutbut… he started to be even more naughtier!

For some reason, he is more aggressive to me! Been bullying me all the time!


Like hiding underneath my bed and scratching or biting my feet when I walk past. It’s like a booby trap!


Or like trying to steal my food. Unfortunately, he wasn’t so ‘smart’ here. He wanted to steal my empty shells. THE JOKE IS ON YOU MIUMIU!!!!


Or running away when I try to hug him!

I think he has associated me with the vet now! BOOHOO! 🙁 Either that or he thinks I’m his plaything. BAH!!!

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