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My cat makes the weirdest expressions

This is a Caturdays! – Pictures of cats entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the Cat themed blog posts, do read the entry here.



Somefurry wanted to sneak up on me!

Miu Miu is obviously a huge fan of kisses.

Not sure if Miu Miu is a cat or a tiger.

Yes we can tell how much Miu Miu loves me.


For some reason, I feel that Miu Miu shows the most expressions as compared to my previous cats. He has this weird ear thingy that my friend D likes to call it the ‘airplane ears’ and also the extremely annoyed grumpy cat expression.

He has grown so fast!! Was just looking at his old baby photos… I miss tiny Miu!!

Now he is soooooo long and heavy! None of the clothes fit him well anymore. Boo. Need to buy more clothes for him! Any recommendations for affordable ones? Daiso hasn’t been stocking up  on pet apparel 🙁 Do comment and let me know!

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For more pictures of Miu Miu, do check out his Facebook page. There will be daily pics of Miu <3

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