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Visiting Leekaja Beauty Salon – A Korean one-stop beauty solution

As some of you guys may know, I have a regular hairstylist Caely Tham. She has taken care of my hair for about 4 years now and I’m very comfortable with her. Especially so when she had to deal with my weird hair during pregnancy and postnatal hair loss.

FYI, mums go thru lots of hair changes during and after pregnancy. The texture and condition all changes. Caely has been wonderful throughout and has taken good care of my hair.

When she first told me that she was moving to Leekaja Beauty Salon, I was relieved to find out that it was located nearby. (I was so scared that she will move to ulu pandan or something! HHAHA)

Leekaja Beauty Salon is conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery, a stone’s throw away from Caely’s previous salon.

Leekaja Beauty Salon

Leekaja Beauty Salon

I was wowed when I first arrived at Leekaja. It was HUGE. Leekaja is much bigger than most salons that I have visited and they offer a wide range of beauty services thus the name Leekaja Beauty Salon. It is basically a Korean one-stop beauty solution salon.

Some of the services that they provide are hairstyling, nail, eyelash, makeup and barber services. But fret not, their prices are very competitive!

Leekaja Beauty Salon

I felt very pampered when I arrived at Leekaja. I was offered a light snack and refreshment just incase I was peckish and thirsty.

I was quite shy to see Caely as it had been quite some time since I visited her. My hair was a mess and I hadn’t taken care of my roots as regular as I should.

Leekaja Beauty Salon

At that time I was also in the early stages of my pregnancy. I whispered to Caely and after all the congratulations and hugs, she whisked me away to a private area away from all the chemical smells.

We discussed options and decided to go for a healthier hair colour without touching my roots alongside the Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment to tame my very unruly hair.

Caely shared that the Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment helps to restore damaged hair to healthy hair by an amazing hair repair strength of up to 140%! The treatment has also a Nobel Prize Ingredient called Fullerene which is the world’s strongest anti-oxidant to fight aging and humidity!

The Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment consists of a few steps to help increase the supply of keratin, to make the hair stronger and also increases the supply of CMC & Ceramide 2 to help regain silkyness and shine and lastly to help repair the hair cuticles.

I also brought home the Tokio IE Home Care products which helps to increase keratin protein buildup in my hair while protecting my cuticle from external stresses and improves muster and smoothness.

Even after bleaching my hair so often, my hair is strong and healthy! All thanks to the wonderful hands of Caely and using the Tokio Inkarami products!

This is the final outcome after my experience at Leekaja Beauty Salon. Caely refreshed my colour without touching my roots. She gave me a lovely dark colour coupled with some bits purple and pink.

Leekaja Beauty Salon

Leekaja Beauty Salon

I LOVE IT! Thank you Caely for always understanding my hair needs!

Check out Leekaja Beauty Salon located at Mandarin Gallery now! Quote my name (nadia or nadnut) to get 10% off your chemical services (i.e. colouring, treatment, perming, straightening etc)! Anyway, If you like any of my hair colours, do show Caely these pics to get the colours! Easier to show her.

Leekaja Beauty Salon
333A Orchard Rd. #03-13 Mandarin Gallery, 238897
(t) 65 8133 0818

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