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Shadow Roots By Shunji Matsuo 313

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It’s been a while since I last visited Shunji Matsuo 313 due to my pregnancy. I had darkened my colour in the late part of my pregnancy.


After giving birth, I finally visited Caely after my confinement. I told her I was sick of dark colours  and wanted to bleach my hair after having dark coloured hair for the past 9 months.

Caely introduced the concept of shadow roots to me where the roots is a different colour while the rest of the hair is a brighter or lighter tone. The after effect will be a gradient look. Just do a search on shadow roots in Google Images and you can see a few examples!

One can play with a lot of combinations with shadow roots. For a more wearable look, one can have a darker brown for the roots. For a more trendy look, one can play with fancy colours. Shadow roots is suitable for any hair condition and hair length.

After much discussion with Caely, I’ve decided to bleach my hair. I chose violet for my roots (which would fade nicely) and lavender beige for my ends. Caely reminded me that with bleached hair, the colour would fade in a few weeks however we could play with other colours if it happens.





Love it! I feel that it’s rather unique!


Caely also passed me these products from the Shiseido Hair Care Luminoforce and Luminogenic range which helps prevent colour from fading while leaving hair soft and supple. Am still loving my hair colour as it hasn’t faded much courtesy of these products! <3 Thank you Caely!

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