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Scarlet reveiled!

In case some of you guys are still clueless, the previous entry was a JOKE.

Here’s the proper entry. 🙂

Sabrina had kindly invited me tot the Scarlet event in which I was deliberating for the longest time. Go. Don’t go. Go. Don’t go. (I had an exam paper the next day in the morning.)

When I finally decided to go (my brudder Jayden is a smoothtalker la!), I HAD to lose the invite. -___-”

Thank god I was still able to get in. I even stole the other pingsters’ invites! 😛


I also got all dressed up for the event.

Basically I found out what the Scarlet was before I headed for the event. Tiger was invited (thru work) and he told me about what the Scarlet was.

And I still attended. hurhurhur.

Farinelli and DK then burst the bubble of the rest of the unsuspecting guests. *cough*

The event was GRAND. They even had a “red carpet”.

I felt like a socialite that day.

I think that the marketing stunt pulled by the LG peeps was a great job done. They managed to con fool everyone to believe that Scarlet is actually a hit new TV series produced by the talented David Nutter and that Natassia Malthe was the lead actress when Scarlet is actually a series of TVs!

Brilliant aren’t they?

If you had watched the trailers closely, you would have noticed the little hints given in them. “I want to put her in every home in the planet!” was one of them.

So who (or what to be exact) is Scarlet?

Scarlet or otherwise known as the LG60, LG’s new flagship LCD TV series for 2008. Why Scarlet? That’s because the back of the TV is bright red. CHIO! Mr Jae Bae mentioned that the LG60 is actually the sleekest TV in the world. I’m impressed.

The LG60 is no bimbo. Aside from being pretty, she’s smart too. The LG60 has an intelligent sensor which analyses ambient light and automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to the optimal level for any room. The LG60 comes in a few sizes, 32″, 37″, 42″ and 47″ inch and all models comes with a 3 year warranty.

Definitely impressive.

After some networking, we then went for a round on the Singapore Flyer.

To be honest, I thought the Singapore Flyer was boring. It took 30 mins for a full round. If it were spending 30 mins alone with your loved one, then it would have been romantic.

After the first 5 mins, I was bored. When a bunch of bloggers get bored, guess what they’ll do?


Eyes been feeling itchy these days thus the one eye big one eye small pics. 🙁

I like (man)boobs and I cannot lie!


That’s just some stranger beside me. 😛

Girls only. 😉

Pretty Rinaz. I love her dress!

Check out the funky lights!

I don’t know the crazy girl behind us.

Last pic before leaving the flyer.

Group pic!

We were given a nice little goodie bag and I was pleasantly surprised by the Digital Photoframe. Definitely a must-have for a camwhore like me. Thank you!

I came back from the event knowing more friends, delightfully surprised by the goodies and the info on the Scarlet and shocked at the knowledge of a stalker :P. (One of the photographers knew me back in Secondary School :P)

Here’s where I do my shoutouts.

Thanks Daphne, Jayden, Xianrong and Willy for the pics. (heh Jayden contributed most of the pics. Heh. He’s a great photographer!)

Thanks to Sabrina, Gavin and the organisers, LG Scarlet for the invite once again!

Happy nadnut! 🙂

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  1. woooo… no wonder.. i just saw the commerical last nite… will pay more attention to it next time..

    nadnut: lol. yeah!


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