proof that tiger is evurrrrl!

just yesterday, when i was complaining to tiger via sms tat i was starving, he decided to drop me a mms.



okay okay. its my fault for not wanting to go to the bbq. but does he has to torment me so much?

so i was starving thruout 9ish all the way, with tiger telling me about the good food and just when i managed to get supper kakis say 1am, i gleefully dropped a sms to tiger telling him that im going to supper.

and guess what did he text back?

i am on permanent supper.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! men! cant live with them, cant live without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grrr. tiger is evurrrrrrrrrl.

oh and btw, tiger will be guest-blogging from time to time. a few rules has been laid to him, so as not to compromise the “purity” of 😛

no sex topics, no politics. and oh, to blog bimbotically and camwhore at times. ;). and sometimes emo.

aye. i know how my blogposts sound like. and one more groundrule. NO ‘i is’ NONSENSE. the ‘i is’ lingo is driving me mad. tiger keeps talking like that! and from someone who is studying xxxxxxx (tiger wants it to be censored.), he ought to be shot. grrrrrr.

and soon, we’ll see a post from tiger 😉



  1. hehe, fans of will be waiting gleefully…

    btw, i kena tummy upset after the supper. am still trying to pinpoint if it’s the whipped cream or the fried rice.. thanks for the companionship last night!


    nadnut: hahaha. no fans lah. hmm. check if mg got tummyache? cause he ate the whipped cream too… i took a bit of the rice, tummy is alright… hmmm. *hugs* 😉


  2. yeah, i’ll kinda interested to see how tiger writes. 🙂

    erm… if nadnut has proof of tiger’s evurl-ness, does she want to press charges? if so, for how much? maybe you two should settle it out of court. *grins*

    nadnut: no need to press charges. shall just revoke his status! 😛


  3. So I take it that “uber” is still allowed eventhough you said that it annoyed you just as much?

    Oh wait, you used “uber” yourself in the last doggie post.

    Double standards!!!! *wave fist in protest*

    nadnut: HUSH! ur supposed to be on my side!