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Let’s Makan!

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How many of you guys are close to your neighbours? I shifted quite a number of times actually but my fondest memories were of me growing up in Jurong.

Back then, I remember hanging out at my neighbour’s place after school as my parents were working and I didn’t have the keys. I was quite close to the kids there too and I remember we always hung out and played games. One of the silliest games we played was a game we created ourselves! The house was a huge playground and I remembered we had obstacle courses in the house. We even leopard crawled under the sofa set. LOL.

My neighbours back then was a Chinese family. I remembered us always sharing goodies during the festive periods. We would make Hari Raya goodies and pass them over and they in return would always share the delicious Chinese New Year snacks like love letters and pineapple tarts.

I remembered bawling like mad when we shifted 🙁

Now in Bedok, one of my closest neighbours is actually my friend Daryl who was also my ex-colleague! We meet up quite often to pass goodies to each other, to have a meal or to even visit our cats! The coolest thing is that when I shift over to my Punggol BTO aka #nadskaihome next year, Daryl will be my neighbour too! A bit further than the distance now but he’ll still be my neighbour!

I find that I can always count on my neighbours to help me. For example, if I needed a cat sitter, I know that I can rely on Daryl and Emily. If I had a parcel delivered and no one is at home, I could rely on my next door neighbour! Just the other weekend, Daryl visited the Bubble Tea shop nearby and helped dapao drinks for Skai and I. Super considerate! Thank you Neighbour!;

My neighbour Daryl and I bonding with our cats.

It is almost impossible to get 3 cats to look at the camera at the same time. LOL

Aside from sharing cat tips with each other and having little sessions of visiting our cats, Daryl (and Emily, his wife) and I organise little gatherings at times! We sometimes visit the nearby hawker centre near our place for yummy food!

We organised a Makan session at Daryl’s place recently to celebrate his birthday.

It was simple and cosy session amongst us two couples talking about our cats, our upcoming BTOs and basically everything under the sun! Thank you Daryl and Emily for the kind hospitality!

Do you guys catch up with your neighbours at times? If not, you should totally do so now!

Simply organise a Let’s Makan session by 10th January 2015 with your neighbours and you might actually win a Neo Garden buffet session for your neighbours and you! Bring back the kampong spirit by organising a fun gathering or even a potluck session!

If you are unsure of what to do, why not visit the Let’s Makan site for some materials and resources to get started?

You can also request for a Starter Kit!


It comes in the form of a yellow cooler bag!


It comes with resources to get you started alongside some games for icebreaker activities!



How about a game of Old Maid? Or challenge your neighbour to Five Stones? My personal favourite is Pick Up Sticks!

JOM! Let’s Makan now!

All you’ll have to do is.. MAKAN with your neighbours! It’s that easy! Share your stories now! And if you win the buffet, jio me leh!

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