and he breathed his last…

my fone that is.

bloody phone switched off during my meeting and it cant be switched on again. STUPID NOKIA! *shakes fist*

probably have to head down to NOKIA CARE soon. i wont be contactable. anything email me at nadnut@gmail.com

grrr. stupid phone.

updates: after much banging and a use of a deadly stapler, it seems that the phone has been brought back to life. for the time being, that is.

looks like its time to find a new phone.

7 thoughts on “and he breathed his last…”

  1. What phone r u using? I’m using a 7260 🙂 Nokia seems to be losing out to Samsung in terms of picture quality and stuff lately. There are people out there saying Samsung may eventually overtake Nokia as the handphone maker with the largest market share.


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