pics galore!

firstly mr. coconut!

mr. coconut has a girlfriend! its miss coconut!


the happy couple…

they met a neighbour! baby coconut! joyce’s baby!

the happy family!

me and mr. coconut..

next up… me cats!

firstly… baby boy likes to sleep on footwear! such a smelly fetisH!

and check out the next 2 cats..

‘up to you’ and kabus!

lol. 😀

the following … a very silly conversation.. LOL

me: eh, can help me check if XXX is coming?
fren: kk, will sms her..
fren: eh. she say she neva receive ur sms
me: huh? i sms her leh..
me: she dunno i having party?
fren: she heard abt it.. and tat u invited selected ppl onlie..
me: of coz, onlie selected ppl lah! tink de whole tp ah?
me: imagine tis ‘tp oei! come for my bdae party!’
me: pengz.

lol… silly right? of coz onlie selected ppl can go. not every tom, dick and harry is invited.
tink i so rich to feed everyone ah? LOL

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