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that thing about being perfect…

as some of you guys know, i was working nonstop during the weekend. i was handling a seminar. and was liaising with the speakers, slides and what nots.

i was briefing the speakers on the rundown, what the emcee will do, who will queue him and the usual drill.

the speaker then started on his speech. he was talking about why we do the things we do and how some people would not understand the things we do.

thus he was talking about a certain personality test (which is sold for 10 us buckaroos) inwhich most of us would be divided into 4 different categories.

fun, controlling, perfect and patient (i think)

as he was explaining the personalities out, i was thinking to myself on what kind of personality i was. i believe, i portray a few different personalities.

at work, im rather serious and most of my colleagues think i’m 25. maturity level they say. of course not size lah. size wise i look as if im in secondary school. i guess with experience, i work much differently as compared to some. can you believe i am giving instructions to a 30 year old degree holder? i always feel older than her. i guess its the way one carry oneself.

after work, when im having fun with my friends, the serious nadia is away and the fun, carefree nadnut is in place. instead of leading, i rather be pampered, be nonsensical, immature and just crazy. i love having fun and honestly, sometimes i dont mind embarrassing myself just to have a little fun.

the speaker turned to me and said i was the ‘perfect’ personality. now now, dont think its a good thing. it aint!

the perfect personality wants things to run perfectly. (ala bree of desperate housewives), however its perfect to my point of view. like he mentioned of how i drilled him to run the slides at the perfect timing, stop when signalled and everything. it was pretty embarrassing considering how all 200 – 250 people turned to look at me.

and i realised, yes, at work, i enjoy precision and perfectionism. to be exact, at events. i guess, i have been conditioned to think this way ever since my first events job. i was doing a sales and was also the PA of the boss. if things did not run this or that way, it was never good enough.

things had to be perfect. precise. and i wonder… was it a good thing. i could never handle errors or faults. even during bsc, i could not understand how some people could not dedicate more time to the club’s events, how someone can procrastinate so much and how proper delegation is not done correctly.

however, when i’m not at work, i take the backseat. i am so different at events and away from it.

i managed to get a copy of the personality test and i would be trying it out. and i wonder, what personality i would be…

4 thoughts on “that thing about being perfect…”

  1. Tat is the DISC test….It is very useful to know your personal strength and weakness….

    nadnut: that isnt the disc test. something different.


  2. i think that particular ‘perfect’ trait is not an uncommon one. given the situation, every one of us wish things to be run our way, marched to our tune, and done to our liking.

    i dun think its a bad thing, nor is it a good one. taken to extremes, its of course a bad thing. then again, anything is bad when taken to extremes. :p

    personally, i thnk if you display the same traits at work and at leisure, then you will not be able to differentiate between the two, which is a bad thing. for example, a male boss dominates his office and carries the same attitude at leisure and back at home, demanding his friends and his wife to carry out his ‘orders’. such a situation is just waiting to explode.

    P.S: sorry for such a long comment. :p

    nadnut: no worries on the long comment. i’m glad i’m not the only one. 😉


  3. It’s good that you can wind down the perfectionist after hours, methinks. I’m a perpetual one, no off button for that mode. Guess how sucky that feels?

    nadnut: sometimes i have it hard winding down the perfectionist mode, especially at gatherings. 😛


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