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Remember this?

My classmates and I prepared a short skit for our Entrepreneurship presentation quite some time ago and yours truly was in love with Achmed!

I started goofing around and filmed two silly Achmed Nadchmed videos!

Here’s one!

Yes, I’ll kill you Tiger!

and here’s part two!

Just hamming around. 🙂

Wait till I get a decent camcorder and I’ll start having more silly ‘vodkasts’! heh.

Btw, I’ll be away till the 22nd! Updates after that, hopefully I’ll be able to take lots of good pics in BKK! (Am going for work lah, no shopping! sad!) I have to be at the airport at 6am, OMGWTFBBQ! zzzz. If I DO get internet connection, hopefully I’ll be able to update!

Take care all!

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