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Things to do in Amsterdam

This is a Thursday’s Travels – Anything about previous, current and future (upcoming) travel exploits entry under my Travel themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

If you have yet to check out my previous Amsterdam Travel Blog posts, do check it out now! I’ve blogged about where I’ve stayed in Amsterdam and Museums to check out in Amsterdam!

This will be my final entry on Amsterdam before I move on to the other places we’ve covered during our honeymoon!

As mentioned in the previous entry, we also visited Keukenhof.

Keukenhof is known as the the second largest flower garden in the whole wide world! It houses numerous of flower bulbs and is very exclusively open only from mid March to mid May every year! In fact, we timed our honeymoon so that we could visit Keukenhof! The best time to view the tulips is around mid April, which was the time we arrived in Amsterdam!

We booked this trip from one of the very many tourist travel tours in the city. They depart very early in the morning and one could expect to stay almost half the day in Keukenhof.



Transportation is provided there and it was extremely crowded on the day we booked our trip!


Tickets are at 16 euros per pax and I would highly recommend that you visit Keukenhof even if you are not a flower person.




These are just 3 of the many pictures we took in Keukenhof. I was extremely wowed by it’s beauty and it was definitely one of the main highlights of my Amsterdam stop.

We took a stroll at the Red Light District one evening and it was definitely an eye opener.




Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam and we saw many ladies in windows such as the picture above. Do take note that photos are strictly not allowed, if you persist, you might get a not-so-friendly bouncer talking to you.

The ladies are not clad in much and they would tap on the windows or try other ways to get your attention. It was truly an eyeopener for me.

There are throngs of people who came to look at the windows and the various peep shows. They would gawk and point. If you do visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam, I would implore you to look, yes, but don’t be rude. Don’t point, laugh or openly take pictures. Also, keep a lookout for pickpockets.

Coffee Shops in Amsterdam have a different meaning as compared to Singapore. In Amsterdam, Coffee Shops are places where one can buy and consume weed, which is legal in Amsterdam. There are blatant signs indicating the sale of weed and other substances. I am not saying that I condone the consumption of weed by the way.

We went to take a look at De Dampkring which was one of the places where Ocean’s Twelve shot at.



For noms, one of my favourite snacks was Vlaamse Fritehuis which came highly recommended by my ex-colleague Ian. The one in the picture below is Patatje Oorlog (War Fries). It is Satay Sauce, Mayonnaise with a sprinkle of raw onions on the fries.


Don’t be fooled by the ingredients, it tastes amazing! Love the combination! It can get a bit messy but it’s worth it!

You’ve probably tried Stroopwaffles before from Starbucks. This carbo laden snack is actually a waffles made from two thin layers of dough with a decadent caramel syrup filling in the middle





I swear that all of those stroopwaffles I consumed during my honeymoon were the cause of my weight gain.

We visited The Pancake Bakery after our visit to the Anne Frank Huis.



The nutella pancake with a cup of hot chocolate rocked my socks. We were freezing in the cold while queuing up for Anne Frank Huis and the lunch at The Pancake Bakery gave me such good tingles that all of the hours in the cold, was well worth it!

Both Ian and Karen recommended that I try the Raw Herring in Amsterdam.




There are plenty of fish shops like in the pictures above that sells raw herring and other fish dishes. We tried the raw Herring fishes which was served with onions. Hmmm. how do I put it? It was really an acquired taste. We tried it cos we were in Amsterdam but we definitely did not return for a second helping.

Okay, this isn’t something Amsterdam is known for, but I’ll recommend it anyway.

Please try the Pizzas there! We found that they were cheap and extremely delicious. There were many varieties and i loved the thin crust there! We loved it so much that we went back the next day for more pizza!




Last but definitely not least, Chinese Food! We tried Wok to Walk and we loved it!


From noodles to rendang, I LOVED Chinese Food! I have always watched those TV Series like Big Bang Theory where we see the cast enjoy Chinese Food in the cute takeaway boxes and we finally had a chance to try it! Cheap thrill but we loved having asian food after days of no spice! We also tried Wok to Go and the beef rendang rice there was amazing! Thumbs up from yours truly!

We also had the opportunity to visit a funfair. Am not sure if it’s a permanent thing but it was definitely fun for us to visit funfairs overseas.





Check out the cute tiny car!


I loved my Outfit of The Day for my last day in Amsterdam.



The weather was getting warmer so I could shed off my thick sweaters and wore a light jacket instead.


Oh look! My hotel! 😉


Skai aka c(hubby) and I really enjoyed Amsterdam. There was no language issues and the food was great. The whole atmosphere was pretty laid back and we really loved the people and the beautiful places.

One thing that i love about blogging, is storing all of these beautiful memories in this lovely digital space. I love reading back about my previous travelogs and looking thru the pictures.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about the Amsterdam leg of our #nadskaihoneymoon. I’ll be blogging about the next leg soon! Our long journey to Venice! Should you have any questions about Amsterdam, please comment here!

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