The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 6 Episode 1: Let’s get Arty-farty! (Brisbane)

We were given the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely ride on the City Cat ferry but we decided to give it a miss. I’ve been on the City Cat ferry before so I didn’t mind sleeping in while Jen was feeling a little bit groggy from her jab the night before.

We were scheduled to head over to the The Gallery of Modern Art which was actually walking distance but we were running late so we cabbed there. Oops.

The Gallery of Modern Art opened in December 2006 and is situated at Kurilpa Point only 150 metres from the Queensland Art Gallery building. The Gallery of Modern Art focuses on the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Turns out that there was an Andy Warhol exhibition that day.

I’m not really an arty-farty person so I couldn’t really appreciate them but there were a few that I liked like the Campbell’s can and Marilyn Monroe’s. I was hoping to buy some souvenirs but couldn’t find any that I liked. 🙁

Here’s some pics!


This is really cute!

The outside of GOMA.

We then adjourned to Foyer Cafe GOMA for lunch.

We shared a few starters…

Not a big fan of beansprouts.

Yummy springrolls!

There was another bread and dips dish but I don’t have the pic. 🙁

Audrey had this. Quite nice!

All of the tables had Andy Warhol’s phrases/sayings. Interesting!

So am I!


I think this is really true!

From 15secs to 15mins!

It was a lovely lunch! And soon we were off to our next activity that we were gonna get dirty!

Tata Andy Warhol!

Till the next episode!