LOL! I’ve been “sexually harassed”!

As some of you guys know, i have moved to a&p (advertising and promotions). It’s totally a different field as compared to my previous jobs (events, events, events, travel and events).

lol, mrkennychan says a&p = attitude & problems. true true.

so…. part of my jobscope is to send artwork to the agencies/publishers, so the usual procedure is the designers would send me the zipped files and i’ll send them to the agencies/publishers and as usual, i’ll CC my boss.

(background info, small and cosy office, everyone can hear everything)

so… one day, my boss asked me this “nadia, did you unzipped and check yourself?”. basically i knew what he meant, he was asking if i had unzipped the files and double check if it was the correct artwork, so i just replied yes without thinking of anything.

one of my colleagues burst out laughing and soon, everyone started laughing. My boss and I didnt even realise how sexual the question sounded! lol.

I then told everyone this “You guys are my witnesses, he had just sexually harassed me!”.

Lol. hilarious! another one of those silly hilarious days at work…

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