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The birth of Blogger’s Sweets…

This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with Jayden on a video. The first time was for Nuffnang’s Birthday Party.

Actually Jayden and I have been talking about working together for ages! Since last year? But we only managed to really start working together after his graduation. Blogger’s Sweets is totally Jayden’s brainchild, his baby.

Initially there were soooo many ideas! From comedies to spoofs to talk shows! After much discussion, we finally decided on a talk show for we felt it brought more interaction. If you were wondering why we chose the name Blogger’s Sweets, well in the first place, we were talking about collaborating with Sabrina and Podfire but after much talks, for now, we’ve decided to do it on our own.

Honestly handling the whole project on our own, on our rather lean team was quite taxing especially for Jayden. The poor guy had to play cohost, editor, scriptwriter, director, etc etc etc etc and he’s in NS!

Eh! Don’t look at me like that! I got work also wor! I got do liaison and marketing work hor!

To be honest, I was a bit afraid that the whole thing won’t happen.

That’s because of the 2 times I was the guest blogger, the shows either died or totally went MIA and the episode was never seen…

From BlogBuzz… which I was interviewed about blogging and changes…

So many people got interviewed that day but nothing was shown… No news or updates. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

The other being Blogger’s Treat. I was supposed to be in episode 5.

I had brought them to one of my fave places…

Where I even had my OWN wall!

Can you guess where it is?

Delicious food and fun games!

We were at Pitstop Cafe.

This one, everyone knew about it. Things didn’t work out and they went their separate ways. Eh can one of you guys please hor, have the decency to call or email Pitstop Cafe to tell them the episode won’t be shown? Thankewverymuch.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

With things like this, who wouldn’t be afraid of having your own vodcast? Skali Jayden and I quarrel then all the episodes will never be shown again!

Guess what?

Jayden and I already had the quarrel (our first quarrel!) and we both contemplating forgoing the show but we decided to go ahead. Our passion for success was much greater than our pride.

It was hard at first but we scrapped through. Both of us had never hosted before and yours truly used to have stage fright but I managed to overcome it.

With everything confirmed, we were set to film our first 2 episodes. (We were daring! We thought that it would be easy peasey to finish 2 episodes at least in a day!)

Boy were we wrong.. Murphy’s Law struck and yours truly was terribly sick. Fever, cough, cold, the whole deal but I still went on! (Eh, did I look sick in Epi 1?)

As noobs, we had many many many NGs. We even went to refilm the whole introduction and ending on another day. That was how determined we were to give our very best!

And I think the first episode was quite well received but of course there is much room for improvement and we strive to make it better for every episode.

Thank you all, for supporting us in every single way. From ideas, to constructive criticisms, to support and to just hearing us out. It meant a great deal to me, to us, to everyone.

And now, here’s some pics from Episode 1!

Jayden the director.

Fabian the videoman cum sound man cum transport man cum the best friend anyone could have.

Valerie, our lovely guest blogger for Episode 1. It was damn fun chatting with her. Spontaneous, funny and oh so sweet!

I’m going to be oh so bias and only show the pic of the dessert I had. Seriously, this is GOOOOOOOD!

Last but not least, our very very very mean director/producer laughing at poor Fabian who was our teleprompter, mic holder and cameraman for the day. Nevermind, we’ll laugh at his botak head soon!

Thanks once again for supporting Blogger’s Sweets!


4 thoughts on “The birth of Blogger’s Sweets…”

  1. congrats nadia. seriously, it isn’t easy to create a talkshow as such with such a small team – especially with one guy multi-tasking and being in-charge of so many things.

    people are always wont to criticize but we should never take scathing words to heart. as motivation and a guide to improve instead (course… this is like a totally duhhh saying so i’m going to volunteer to smack myself on the head).

    an-zee-way. all the best and i’ll be waiting for the next ep! 😀


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