Management Thinking…

A colleague forwarded these….

LOL! Isn’t this true in most cases? However, it’s silly to only promote someone when they wanna leave. In most cases when people resigns, they already have their mind set about leaving and it’s usually too late to reward them.

 LOL. Sometimes some things are better left unsaid.

Sometimes it’s really just a title. You’re still doing the same old shit.


This reminds me of a case in one of my previous companies. Rewarding the bad instead of punishing them. Some people are just blind. -__-”


Good news for us young ones and bad news for the old ones.

My mum has been working for the same company for the longest time. Rewarding the loyal? I don’t think so.

I’m currently studying Human Resource Management right now and I’m considering going into the field in future. (Or have a try at it as per all my other jobs)

Looks like it’ll be a challenging job.

But it’s ok. I like challenges. 😉

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  1. hahahaha, I find them really funny. I guess most of the pics are speaking for the truth itself. I’m not planning to work for others (I hope I never will), so I think I wun have a problem.


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