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thanks for those who left words of concern.

nah. dun wanna talk abt it.

anyway, i been splurging again. i guess when i feel sad or angry, i splurge.

juz tis week i bought 7 tops. 5 of them were dirt cheap. 2 of them were expensive.

then today bought a ‘denni’ watch which has crystals on it! one year guarantee. hard pain at de price but pretty pretty. =)

bought a necklace and a bracelet.

broke. i splurged enuf. no more.

retail therapy is good. anyway today watched shark tale. nice nice show. so cute!

i feel sad. i have to cut down drastically on gassy drinks. why u may ask?

coz i been having back problems. its becoz of my lack of calcium. it has come to de extend tat everyday my back feels like breaking.

thus i bought calcium tablets. and slowly try to incorporate taking dairy products. i dun drink milk at all. i HATE milk. (fresh milk tat is)

so now, i try to take stuff like milo, chocolate milk, icecream, cheese and soya milk.

and im gonna go for a full body check up soon. after payday tat is.

i juz realised tat gassy drinks actually ‘wipes’ out one’s calcium. and i have been taking gassy drinks almost everyday!

and guess wat? short ppl have a higher tendency to have ostereoperosis. great.

actually i neva mind being short. i have frens, respect and love. now i mind being short. kena ostereo faster. -_-

probably for me, i’ll get it even faster. grrr.

weird facts about nad:

1- i dun drink milk
2- i dun drink tea
3- i dun drink coffee

those 3 are enuf already. they have made me one of the weirdest ppl on earth. i dun take the 3 drinks tat 99% ppl take (at least one of the drinks).

enuf blogging for today. im looking forward to de long weekend!

though its kinda silly. im off on thurday then back to work on friday. sat work half day. sunday off. monday off. grrr. i rather have deepavali on friday. and hari raya on saturday. then it will be fri,sat and sun free! ^-^

though i believe most ppl dun share de same sentiments.

enuf blogging for me for today. my ulcers are killing me. lingster ask me go put salt. grrr. maybe i should.

my emotion for today:

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