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that thing about the clubbing pictures…

by the time you read this post, i would be stuck in a hotel and will not be back till sunday night…

no, i’m not on holiday! (i wish!), i’m not having a rendezvous with my lover… i’m actually working. *ROAR!*

this week is a killer week for moi. from monday, its a straight 10 days work week. 🙁 because of some event.

anyway, i decided to schedule this post when i’m away.. here are pics from the clubbing outing that i blogged about previously.

a group of us headed to o bar. (my fave r&b cheap drinks club), ordered a few jugs, shots and played 5-10. tmd. i was leading all the way, did not even lose till the end, lost all the way.

first up, a pic of a few of us!

picture perfect

despite the drinks, seems like i couldnt get high! tmd! when you wanna get high, you cant get high. when you don’t wanna get high, you’ll get high easily. -____-”

but SOMEBODY got drunk. *cough cough*

it was a funny sight to see that SOMEBODY drunk. its not often can see such an interesting show. thank god, that person isnt an annoying drunk, dancing and jeering at a certain person. lol.

we hit the dancefloor. boy, do i feel out of touch after not clubbing for so long. so out of touch that i forgot how to whack irritating guys. had to have kok to ‘rescue’ me. *paiseh*

dishevelled moi

dishevelled moi and my top…

we then camwhored…. a hell lot! and no, we are not drunk… it is always fun hanging out with this group of friends. have known them for 5 years. from mahjong, to baking sessions to gatherings to suntanning, chalets and bbq, i always feel at home with them.

camwhorish us

sometimes we don’t manage to meet up often due to each others rather hectic schedule, but i guess even when we do not meet for months, our friendship does not drift apart.

the same goes for my bsc clique. 🙂 so when is our next clubbing outing? 😉

3 thoughts on “that thing about the clubbing pictures…”

  1. nadddddddd! thats a really nice top!
    and you’re probably away now but I TAGGED YOU!
    you have ta do the questionnaire on my blog when you come back! =] MUAHA!
    ok, take care!
    hope to see ya soon!

    nadnut: thanks for the compliment…. noooo tagging!


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