that thing about botak jones again…

as some of you guys know… i adore botak jones. why? its near my workplace, i love the food and i have the company of 2 lovely gentlemen most of the time.

one day, no2slack and i decided to have lunch at botak at the eleventh hour. (i msn-ed him at 11.45am :P).

this time, i decided to try the lamb chops play a long while he decided to go for the shlong… i meant hotdog.

pics galore!

the lamb. ignore the messy fingerprints. 😛

a closer look! actually, the lamb is not bad but it isnt my fave dish at botak jones, so mafan to eat it 😛

the whole long deal.

funny thing is.. his member hotdog is a bit weird looking at one end…

the normal end.

the weird looking end.

i actually preferred his meal while he preferred mine. hotdog wrapped with ham and cheese leh!!!! shiok!

he was nice enough to cut one corner for me. the normal part of course.

keith, what’s the white sauce?

*cough* dont think dirty!!!

yum. shall order the thick juicy hotdog next time! 😉 actually, ill be heading to botak jones (the amk branch) on wednesday, the nice gentleman is gonna treat me a nice good juicy piece of meat. anyone wants to come along? tiger will be there too. spot the anonymous superhero! 😉

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