that thing about travelling in christmas….

remember this?

still think christmas is good and festive with all those falalalalalaalaa x infinity?

if you think so.. read on…

As I checked my mailbox today…

I saw numerous travel alerts…

FW: Alert: Landslides Close Major Highway Dec. 21 – Vietnam
RE: Alert: Typhoid Fever – Hong Kong
RE: Alert: Heavy Flooding Update 1 – Malaysia
RE: Alert: New Year’s Eve Celebrations Street Closure Dec. 31 – Hong Kong
RE: Alert: Heavy Snow Update 1 – Central Japan
RE: Alert: Record Snowfall Dec. 21 – South Korea
RE: Alert: Severe Flooding Update 2 – Thailand
RE: Alert: Tropical Depression 25W Update 1 – Thailand
RE: Alert: Travel Restrictions in Marib and Sa’ada, Yemen
RE: Alert: Rail Workers Threaten Strikes – Birmingham, UK
RE: Alert: Toxic Spill – Shaoguan, Guangdong, China
RE: Alert: Increased Holiday Security – Bangladesh
RE: Alert: Holiday Air Travel Advice – U.S.

Woah… seems like it aint a good idea to travel this festive period…. Falalalalaalalaaa.