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that thing about sassyjan’s birthday…

argh. belated entry. yes i confess! ive been lazy to upload pics! and now i’ve done so here’s my update!

i got invited to sassyjan‘s annual 21st birthday party at wala wala.

was supposed to meet up with somebody but he had to pay a visit to the night safari first, so i headed down with kingmeng. (doh. i realised i didnt have any pics with kingmeng -_-)

kingmeng and i bought a bouquet of red roses for the birthday girl.

i know the theme was black… but look at my top! i had a black ribbon! 😉

barffie was telling us about some picture taken at a certain angle (was it the bird’s eye view?) and tried it out on princess and me.

i felt very act cute in this pic. erm, thats not my hand doing the ‘tweese’ sign hor. *looks at lee*

cat poses. heh. catlovers of the world unite!

camwhore nerds. yes, those are my new specs.

group pic 1!

erm. i was just oohing at the amount of cleavage. *cough and looks at my own airport chest*

those aint my fingers. tmd lee!

check out what joce is holding. a death note notebook! pssst. let me give you some names!

group pic 2.

my godbro and me. 😉

shirlyn! i love it when they sing ‘pour some sugar on me’. heh.

yes. mr night safari finally arrived. i was taking pics with the girls while texting him, asking where the hell was he and suddenly i spied him from the corner of my eye looking at us camwhoring with a smirk on his face. bah.

group pic 3.

kawaii neh? yes, we were doing the zero to five action. doh. lee’s hands got cut off. probably karma from all the ‘tweese’ fingers she poked into all our pics. muahahahahahaaaa!

yes, everyone wants a piece of kennysia, even kingmeng. no wonder kenny placed a disclaimer on my voucher. heh.

group pic 4. 3 handsome guys. 😉

the last group pic. 😉 kenny should feel so blissful surrounded by all the ladies. heh.

for more updates and pics, check out sassyjan’s and princess’s blogs. 😉

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