i lost someone very special yesterday (27/6/04)

someone who ranks number 2 in my list of who i love. someone who matters more than my boyfriend. someone who has been there with me for almost 4 years.

my cat chicken leg. though u may be gone, u will always remain dear in my heart. i will miss de times when u will meow when i reached home, to de times when everynite u will snuggle in my arms and sleep with me.

if it was possible, i would give up a few years of my life for u to be with me longer.

i regret not being there when u passed away.

u have been a great pet. de best anyone can wish for.

chicken leg, i will always love u and u will remain in my heart forever. *hugz & kisses*

“CHICKEN LEG. my best fren, my love, my pet, FOREVER. 27/6/2004.”

i wun be blogging for sometime. grieving. its not just a cat. tis cat loves me and has been with me for 4 years. sighz. i need some time alone.

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