dear santa….

i never believed in santa claus… dunno why. was never brought up to believe in such stuff (or nonsense)…

damn. i should have believed in santa and my parents would have gotten me presents under the guise of dear old pudgy santa…

well, here’s my letter to santa…

Dear Santa,

I have been quite a good girl this year. i gave up seats to people who needed the seat more than me (e.g. pregnant women, the elderly, parents with kids), i helped a blind man to his bus stop, i donated money to charity and been rather filial to my parents by giving them more and more money each month.

all i want for christmas are a better health next year (no more surgeries please!), hopefully a good performance bonus next year (aint gonna spend my bonus on xmas presents again!), to lose weight (if you cant give me a better figure santa, just give me 10 boxes of either extrim or xandos) and to be much happier in life.

if your feeling rather wealthy and generous this year santa… i really would not mind plastic surgery so that i could get some pan asian looks and to make my big nose disappear, i would like pweeeeety dimples and *cough* a bigger bosom. i would not mind liposuction to remove the cellulite from my tummy and thighs too =P

after slimming down santa, i would not mind finding a boyfriend who cooks wonderful steak or perhaps the boss of red bull. and if you still think im a good girl and would like to give me more, perhaps you can take a look at my wishlist?

thanks santa! *muackz*


*cough* YEAH RIGHT!

the only santa i believe in right now is myself!

santa nad

santa nadnut! the only presents will be from thyself. and only lao niang can get the desired figure i want if i exercise. (!!!!!!!) and only me, myself and i will gimme the stuff i want. not santa.


if only santa really exist….