that thing about the shopaholic…

i have been spending like mad!!!!

first up, was the tigerairways promo. got seduced by the rates and booked a 5 days trip to bkk next year. (and yes, i’m going bkk next week.) $$$

and i got seduced by the beautiful and slim sony t10. i have a pretty good camera (sony w1, which is more than 2 yrs old) but its rather bulky. after much hemming and hawing, i decided to grab it. $$$$

and next week’s bkk trip. i am so broke. $$$$$. die la. time to eat grass. but the pink t10 is soooooooo damn chio. ARGH!

so you’re looking at a proud pink sony t10 owner (with a 1gig memory stick = more camwhoring). WOOOOOT! *cough* i need some accessories… a carryingcase & a tripod… *cough*

8 thoughts on “that thing about the shopaholic…”

  1. I tink it\’s darn pretty too!!

    I would haf gotten it if I hadn\’t gotten my new cam 1 mth ago! Somemre same price for more pixels. So dulan lor. *bleah*

    nadnut: oooh. what cam didja bought?


  2. my dad getting soon i think…
    and we got 2gb card already! wahhah..

    nadnut: WOW! cool! me camwhore, only have a 256mb card last time lor. hahahhaaa


  3. WAH! The T10 damn nice wor :D! How much did you get it for?

    I\’ve also been spending too much recently 🙁

    nadnut: i paid 599 for the camera and received a 512mb card free and topped up 35 bucks for a 1gig card. so altogether 634 = camera + 512mb card + 1 gig card. i been spending like water lor. sibeh sian. hahahaaa


  4. Eh… if BKK is Bangkok hor, then AKK is AngKok Kueh?

    nadnut: hahahah. that i wouldn\’t know but bkk is the code for bangkok on airline tickets/codes and all. 😉


  5. how\’s the t10? looks so pretty i m tempted to get it myself! but i shall be happy using my w7 for now. heh

    enjoy bkk!!!

    nadnut: hee. its sooo slim! as compared to my w1! haahahaa no $ to spend in bkk soon! 


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