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A lighter makeup look!

Some of you guys may have remembered from the #nadskai posts, I had a makeup artist called Cindy. Recently went to her place to “play” with makeup.

Reason being, as you guys may know, I always always have dark eyemakeup. I feel that light makeup wasn’t suitable for me. That it wouldn’t accentuate my eyes and I would look sickly with light makeup.

Cindy and I have been having an insane debate on this and we both refused to back down. How did we decide to resolve this?

For a cowboy showdown where we shoot each other.

Hahhaa, I kid! We decided to try by her putting on light makeup for me. Makeover session at her place, why not? Win-win. Also, had a chance to go take a look at my prospective BTO nearby. Heh heh.

She adores my dipdye hair by Shunji Matsuo 313! I think dipdye hair curled looks good! Pity I already dyed my hair brown. Next time!

Final look? Light almost nudish eye makeup, falsies and bottom lashes. She also curled my hair. Next time, more gyaru feel? heh! Which do you prefer? My normal smokey/dark eye makeup or this lighter look?

(Makeup by Cindy, hair colour by Shunji Matsuo 313, dress by Jipaban and shoes by Payless)

By the way, Cindy’s discount code is still available!

Check out her works at If you’ll like to use her, quote Nadia/nadnut to get 10% off! Offer valid till December 2013. Call her at 9746 3120 if you have any queries!

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