LOL…. forgot to tell u guys… i discovered a worm on my com on monday! felt so stressed when it kept on hanging, i did the big NO-NO thingy which was to pull of the plug and plug in again. lol. then when waiting for it to load up, i fell asleep when i was suppose to catch up on my reading! i slept @ 8.30pm! didnt even got to watch “am i hot” or is it “are u hot”… wateva… slept so bloddy early! muz be due to my late nights for the past wk! can u imagine i’ve been turnin in @ 4am everyday? i’m turning into a net addict man! last nite went out wiv my dear… feel so bad… usually when we go out, we’ll go central or some area betta for both of us to go home. but was feeling really uneasy and fed up to go out but he was so sweet to go all out to bedok to meet me. hee. lol. he’s so sweet sometimes… found out tat he dressed up especially for me… he muz know i like his monkey shirt of his… lol… mite buy him one myself…. sshhhh! haha. so i went home early to fix my comm, bloody hell! fixed till 3am! basket… firstly me downloaded wrong software to get the worm out. turns out my worm is the welchia worm not the blaster worm… james was so sweet to guide me along… but i was getting a bit vulgar to the comm kept on hanging,,.,, bah! so wait wait wait wait…. wait till hair can turn white… how come when i surf till 4 i dun feel its so long… hmmmm… then realised wrong software then install the right one… bleah…. dear said i’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, success and all tat bullshit (haha!) when i get rid of it myself….. bah humbug! will feel betta if someone did it for me and i juz eat…. LOL… k lA…. i go back to my frenster… haha

check tis out: http://www.friendster.com

smiling at last,
bloody hackers, bloody worms.. all those ppl who do viruses should die! of SARS, cancer and AIDS altogether! *curses*

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