that thing about perfumes…

hi all!

i have a good discount for certain perfumes and colognes and i’m interested to order a few… mandrake suggested that i should start a spree. anyone interested? if a whole lot of you guys are interested, i’m gonna force the fella to give me a good discount!

if you’re interested, please either email me at with the perfume/cologne you’re interested in or comment here stating which perfume you’re interested in.



12 thoughts on “that thing about perfumes…”

  1. woman!!! u seem to be shopping forever! grinz

    good to see you earlier at ur workplace..take good care ok? since i aint working (yet), can meet u soon one way or another when u r free ok?

    n oh, i think i am going back to salsa .. there goes my money!!!

    love u!

    nadnut: heh. u 2 babe. hugsssss! 


  2. by when do you need to let the person know cos i might need to check out the deparmental stores first..

    nadnut: how about next friday? pls do check the stores too and compare prices 🙂


  3. IT\’S PERFUME TIME AGAIN!!! DKNY\’S Be Delicious for womem ,Calvin Klein\’s CK One Summer & Kenzo\’s Flower?

    thanks dearie!

    nadnut: heeeeee. emailed! 


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