happy birthday to us!

i celebrated my belated birthday with two other barflies (missy and serendipity) at wala last saturday.


it was a simple affair. no mexican dance :P, no merlions and no striptease. lol. it was basically so-so music, shirlyn wasnt there!!!! and dennis was there instead. bah. i was there for the unXpected, not EIC. -___-

i have not drank any alcohol for 2 months and i told the girls that i was gonna abstain from alcohol… and dear old missy had to order a flaming for me. from telling the waitor firmly with an icy glare to take the damn drink away and trying to run away, nothing worked.

the waitor shot me back the icy glare and just waited while terz shoved his chair and blocked my only escape.

so…. i had to drink it. thank god, i didnt go crazy or did a drunken merlion. had too many of those incidents last year. then gracey crazily went to buy tequila shots. >.< argh. it was a simple sweet gathering. thanks to all who attended. and thanks for the prezzies! i love them! but ah... cowboycaleb! why did you buy the duckies for us? i no bath-tub leh! you wanna buy bath-tubs for us too? :p


  1. ask him to include the goldfish with the bathtub too… =)
    fill it up with hoegaarden oso! =D

    nadnut: later my duckie fight with the goldfish!


  2. I’ve not touched alcohol in ages! Drink is bad for dinos. Unless it’s a Milo Dinosaur. *Trips over my own lamer :D*

    nadnut: lol! lame leh u! lets go out and drink milo dinosaurs next time! 😉


  3. OLD??!?!?!?! you’re sooooooo dead.

    and mine’s the funky duck!

    nadnut: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😉 mine’s the cutie duck!


  4. Then gracey’s duck is the environment friendly one or army macho one? i think the waiter no feeling one.. he didnt even notice your glare.. haha

    nadnut: i think her duck is the military duck. lol. yeah lor the waiter must be gay or dumb. hmmmph!


  5. my duck is military one coz i find men in uniform irressitable…btw i wan the photos!!!!

    n i look so red in that pic…

    nadnut: good blood circulation!


  6. Woah, seems like our birthdays are very close to each other. Anyway, happy belated birthday to you! And myself as well. Haha.

    nadnut: lol! a fellow aquarius! happy birthday to you! 😉


  7. very belated HapB wishes! (not Hep B!) Apologies for not being on stage to play a birthday song for you. Damn I missed yet another flaming lamborghini … what to do … no walas for 15 weeks yo … the call of duty (that’s what us govt minions like to call it). Cheers!

    nadnut: hey you! 🙂 no worries. lol! come back soon!


  8. happy b-day! I’ve said it already, but I’ll say it again!!! and ya, i see u have the twirly thingy ala Scarlett ting…

    nadnut: LOL! yeah! to protect the identity of my analnonymous friends… heh