RedBull Kills?

OMG! just received the following information from kingmeng….

The energy drink Red Bull is under investigation in Sweden after reports at least three people died after drinking it.

The Swedish National Food Administration (NFA) is heading the investigation, and has issued a public warning, telling people not to take Red Bull mixed with alcohol, or after heavy exercise.

The three healthy young people who died are all thought to have drunk Red Bull shortly before their deaths.

and i have always been drinking redbull with vodka! yikes! shall not drink vodka redbull for a while. basically, shall not mix alcohol with redbull.

to read the full article, click here!


  1. You do realise that this article was from 2001, don’t you? Perhaps you oughta look for a concluding follow-up article before you quit Red Bull … again? 😉


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  3. Just wanted to give you guys and gals some first had experience on red bull.
    I’m a 34 year old African American. I never drank, smoked, used drugs, or even drank coffee.
    Jan. 22, 05 I worked for a half a day, to cover for a friend. It was slow that day, which I believe was on a Saturday because I usually had Friday and Saturday off. I went next door to get some drinks for the staff from the store. I brought some Sobes for the front of the house and Red bull for the back of the house. (We took turns doing this if it was slow.) I drank one of the red bulls myself to see what all the hype was about. It tasted like crap so I only drank half of the can.
    Like I said it was slow so I went home early. I started walking to the trolley station after about 2 hours of taking the drink. I started to feel funny as you can tell if there is any changes in your body. My heart started to accelerate and I felt dizzy. The pain started to increase and I tried to breathe faster to keep up with my heart beats, but it only hurt worse. I sat down in so much pain and searched for my cell phone to call my girfriend to pic me up. She asked me what was wrong. I told her I was having a heart attack. She took me to one of those emergency clinics and by this time the pain was so intense I was screaming. I had to cover my mouth with my hands and the nurses thought I had to vomit, but it was the pain. I was rushed to the hospital here in San diego.
    Because of my symptoms the doctors thought it was drugs because I was African American and my girlfriend and as well as myself told them it was a red bull. When the toxicology test came back no drugs were found or alcohol, but something was exciting my system. The next thing I remember it was MARCH ??, 05 I had been in a coma for 30 days. My girlfriend said that the second day I was in the hospital, they called her at work and told her I was going to die. She came along with my Boss and friends and a minister to give me last rites, but I lived. It was now March and I had to learn to walk again, I was on dialysis and so forth because of my long incubation. So we know it wasn’t booze, drugs, cigarettes, and I was in good shape. I stayed in the hospital a total of 3 months to repair my heart with a 15 hour surgery as the finale. I had an extra valve in my heart which explained why I could out work or play anyone of my friends.
    (An anomaly) This is the question. If I had never drank that Red bull would I still be working now? I realize people drink this stuff everyday as one bloger said, but How many of us could get shot 9 times like the rapper 50 Cent and live?, How many of us use the drugs that Chris Farely and John Belushi did and are still alive today? We all have different bodies but if one person dies from a product, there is a problem. Red Bull uses the word alleged from the people that died from there product because there was alcohol, not drinking enough water, but I just told you what they felt before they died. Am I suing? They would drag this on forever. My hospital stint was so long I lost everything, so suing would be suicide. If it does happen to anyone else I will be the star witness if they decide to take it to court and I check the papers and internet everyday. They say “Red Bull gives you Wings”
    They almost gave me mine right along with a harp.


  4. uuummmm…Redbull actually made me quite tired. I just drank one for the first time ever and honestly I regret it — for two reasons:

    (1) I need to pull an all-nighter..(arrgh Midterms!) and it has made me sleepy
    (2) I found out that it may kill you (esp. if you already have heart conditions) so I am thinking to myself, “it wasn’t worth the risk.”



  5. To Faustia et al. My sister’s best friend (age 26) died 3 days ago on Christmas Eve. She was seen at a Christmas party 12/23/06 drinking Red Bull and Vodka, and didn’t appear drunk in the least. so far, they are only saying she died in her sleep from some sort of “cardiac episode”. I agree with your reply here and am glad to hear you made it through. I hope others will take your experience to heart. Maybe we can do something before another person or their family has to suffer. We won’t have the toxicology reports back on her for 4-6 weeks. I hope everyone seriously considers the turmoil my sister is going through right now, and that episodes like yours, and sudden death like hers, is a very real possiblity. Why take the chance with anything not naturally meant for our use or consumption? God bless.