i spent 200 juz now…

yeap.. though i feel de pinch… its ok..

coz i spent it on my mum.

bought her a diamond necklace and pendant for mother’s day…

i noticed everytime i spend on my ex-es, they neva ever spend the same amount on money on me.

even buying my bdae pendant also was onlie paid 70%. like wtf?

one would think he would volunteer to sponsor some of my airticket refund since he broke up wiv my after i bought de tickets.

at least offer you bastard.

and i paid like 200 for his early bdae (his bdae is like in oct) present like in a blink of an eye. sheesh. if i had known i wun have bothered. should have asked for it back.

how abt i give u back de pendant u sponsored 70% off and u gimme back my 200? hmmph.

hmmph. yeap. guys are jerks.

anyway, wanted to get something more expensive for me mum but i guess i onlie have 100 left after spending on her.

i rather spend money on someone who loves me unconditionally and aint a cheapo.

yes, de best way of getting over someone is to focus on his faults.

first day of work was like -_-“

damn tiring. argh.